George Snell

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The Twelve is a 12 issue miniseries comic book distributed Marvel Comics, which announced in July 2007, published at beginning spring 2008 and finished in 2012, it had a very long gap between...
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Rock Opera

This is his first album, and he is independent.Here are his listed sites
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Jack Reacher

The film was directed and written by Christopher McQuarrieProduced by Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner, Gary Levinsohn & Dana GoldbergDone by Studio TC Productions, Skydance ProductionsDistributed by...
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Life of Pi

The Film was directed by Ang Lee.Screen play by David MageeProduced by Ang Lee, Gil Netter & David WomarkDone by Studio Rhythm & Hues & Fox 2000 PicturesDistributed by 20th Century FoxThe...

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