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One Man, Two Guvnors

Richard Bean’s award-winning play is a glorious celebration of British comedy: a unique, laugh-out-loud mix of satire, songs, slapstick and glittering one-liners.Fired from his skiffle band,...
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Sleeping Beauty

Matthew Bourne’s SLEEPING BEAUTY sees the choreographer return to the music of Tchaikovsky to complete the trio of the composer’s ballet masterworks that started in 1992 with Nutcracker! and, most...
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It's not clear if the source material is this shoddy, or simply the screenwriting, but esentially, the script backs itself into a corner. With everyone's actions coming home to roost in the last...
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A Song For Marion

Due to the film industry’s recent discovery that the elderly are just as eager to go to the cinema as everyone else, and more importantly, are willing to pay for the privilege, our theatres have...
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What Richard Did

Richard is a good looking student, the star of the school rugby team and a member of Dublin's social elite. His charmed life falls apart his interest in the girlfriend of teammate Conor leads to a...

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