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Now then. If any of you lot are thinking of booking a cruise think on.

We went on the Aurora with PandO but it wasn't the ship we objected to in particular, or the price for 7 nights full board sailing from Southampton, no change out of 500 quid a piece.

Now I know you are thinking two old codgers on a ship with as much beer as we could sup cruising around the Fiords, swapping war stories and playing crib what is not to love.

Well let me tell you. Queuing. It's all we did,queuing for us food, queuing for us shows, queuing in the bar, even queuing in the casino. Having to wait for seat at the blackjack table. It was a nightmare. You think a big ship like that doesn't rock, it rocks more than a bloody rocking horse. My brother was sick for three days of the week we were away. I wasn't s'bad but that poor bugger was in a right state.

Now this isn't a very nice thing to say but it needs to be said. We didn't think about everyone going to the toilet in the morning. All the cabin plumbing was connected, we could hear all the action going on and sometimes smell the lingering scent. It did make us self conscious about going us selves.

I know everyone thinks cruises are for older people. Well you don't get much older than us and the crowd was too much for us. This is just an observation and it may not be true of all cruises but the company on ours was a larger group enjoying the all you can eat buffet a bit too much.

When we heard the emergency horn for the drill we did joke about the Aurora being unable to take the strain.

All in all cruising was not for us. We did like the Fiords and the scenery was beautiful. That was the best part of the week.


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ProsYou do get to get off
Consthe guests too close for comfort


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