Hever Castle
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Hever Castle


Oh my, what a fun day my friend Eileen and I had this weekend just gone. We decided to have a late breakfast and then have a mosey round Hever. I'd never been before and was not sure what it would be like.

First off we paid £12.75 to go into the castle as well as the gardens which are magnificent. It was only two pounds extra on the senior rate to see the castle which we thought was well worth it.

It is quite a chilling place as it is the castle the Anne Boleyn grew up in. Her execution bible is on display and you can imagine the Boleyn girls enjoying their early life in this idyllic setting.

The highlight for us was the maze. I have never had a go at a maze, we were in there for quite some time and did finally make it to the centre. The only place you get to have a sit down, the bench tells you you've made it. We laughed a lot, we had as much trouble getting out of there as getting in.

It was a beautiful sunny day, not sure it would have been so great if it was cold and raining, so the perfect day to soak up this intimate medieval castle. You even get to cross the moat on foot.

I have visited quite a few of the more famous English castles and stately homes, the gardens compare to Blenheim and the castle, I think it is my favourite. The staff were extremely welcoming and the tour we tagged onto was entertaining, I think we were supposed to pay extra but nobody seemed to mind. Opps. I would hope to go back.


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