About Us


PoopSnoopTM is a membership site for consumers to receive simple “How To” information. Share their insight and experience about products and services with other consumers. Network to hear honest feedback about products or services you are interested in, in order to separate the truth from creative and expensive advertising and marketing campaigns.


To help us all become more mindful and enable us all to challenge our own thinking behind what we buy, why we buy it, reflect upon whether that was a good or bad decision and give us a place to share what we discover, i.e. “we got ripped off” or conversely “does what it says on the tin”. Do we buy because we just want something, need it or are “Keeping up with the Jones”.

We want to provide a portal to discover and share useful information for life. If a product or service really improves our lives and makes us happy we want to let others know and reversely if we bought into something or were sold a dream that didn’t change our lives or the way we feel about ourselves or our life experience in any way we want to warn others.

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