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Simple guide to swapping your house or flat

Simple guide to swapping your house or flat

The most expensive part of going on holiday is usually your accommodation, the reason why home swapping is becoming more and more popular. Of course if you share this is not possible unless everyone travels together.

On most sites the way it works, you pay a fee to register your home and then are free to message other members all over the world. Have a look at Home Link and Home Exchange.

Some sites are free to join and browse listings but house swapping is one instance where doing your research and then paying the fee is the best way to go if you are serious about finding a partner to swap with. Many of the people listed on free sites tend to be just checking things out and not ready to actually go ahead and organise the swap.

A great forum to speak to other swappers and gain their insight is Lonely Planet.

If swapping is not an option but you still want a bargain accommodation option maybe house sitting works.

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