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Simple steps to applying for a UK passport

Simple steps to applying for a UK passport

A passport is not only essential when travelling anywhere by air (even within Great Britain) and of course when travelling by any means outside of GB but it is one of the few government issued photo identification documents that serves as proof of identity so having one is very useful when it comes to doing other things in the system like opening a bank account. It can be a little daunting applying for the first time however if you follow our simple steps you should have your first passport in no time.

Anyone over the age of 16 applying for a UK passport for the first time must attend an interview with the IPS (Identity and Passport service) to confirm your identity. The fee for your passport is currently £77.50. If you choose to use the post office’s check and send service this costs an additional £8.75.

You must be a British Citizen to apply for a passport. This means you were born in the UK or if you were born outside the UK, one of your parents is a British citizen.

You can find out more about others who may qualify for British Citizenship at the Home Office UK Border Agency website.

When applying for your first adult British passport plan to apply at least six weeks before you wish to travel as you cannot use the Fast Track one week or Premium one day services. These quicker options are only available for Adult passport renewals. If you have already held a British passport as a child you will not require an interview. This type of application is classed as a renewal.

The passport advice line is open 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and between 9am-5.30pm on weekends and bank holidays. 0300 222 0000

Guide To Filling Out Your Application

You can complete the form online and then the IPS will send it to you to sign and return with supporting documents.

You can collect a form that offers the check and send service from the Post Office.

You can request a form online or call 0300 2220000 and request a form to be sent to you.

The form comes with a detailed guidance booklet explaining how to complete it. The post office check and send service is a great failsafe as they will ensure you have done everything correctly before sending it off by internal courier. (costs £8.75 extra but well worth it for your peace of mind)

The key things to remember are:

  • Only use a BLACK ballpoint pen and complete the form in CAPITAL LETTERS
  • Write only in white boxed areas and leave other areas of the form completely blank (Do not strikethrough or otherwise mark)

You must supply two passport photos, one of which must be countersigned by the same person that countersigns your application. This must be someone “of good standing” in your community, not someone related to you, in a personal relationship with you or someone who works for the IPS. The purpose is to have another person verify you are who you say you are. Choose a professional person like a teacher, doctor. Someone with a professional qualification or connected to the government like a fireman, social worker, someone in the armed forces or police officer as it is easier to verify who they are.

You can find out more by visiting the website.

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