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Top tips when applying for an advertised job

Top tips when applying for an advertised job

Make sure your CV is up to date without spelling mistakes. Keep your CV clean, to the point and dynamic, always sell yourself with confidence (See Writing an effective CV and CV template). Make sure you put your full contact details, including your email address on your cover letter in the top left of the letterhead.

A cover letter must not duplicate your CV / resume but should highlight your strengths and get the reader interested in you as a potential candidate for the job you are applying for.

Research the company you are writing to and find out as much as you can about them and let them know that YOU have taken the time to do so. Always encourage them to get back in touch with you without sounding either desperate or demanding.

Let them know you are the ideal candidate for the job by telling them specifics that separate you from the rest and always be complimentary about the business.

Use Google or Linkedin to research information about the person you are writing to in order to get their correct name and title.

Sample cover letter for advertised position

Dear Sir/Madam (it is better if you can use a name)

When I saw your ad for (Job title) on the (where you saw the job advertised) I couldn't help noticing how well your requirements align with my own experience, education, skills and background, so I am excited about presenting my CV to you for consideration. (List, like below some bullet points about your skills, experience and talents that match perfectly with the job spec requirements.)

  • Over 5 years of marketing experience in the financial markets
  • Computer Literate: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint
  • Hands-on experience in client pitching/branding
  • Created social media presence for on-line marketing campaigns

I have read extensively about (name the company) as well as the company’s management style and was impressed by your company’s corporate philosophy and business practices. I have excellent references and would be delighted to discuss this opportunity with you at your earliest convenience. (be confident, assertive but polite)

I look forward to hearing from you.

Very best,
[Your name]

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