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I've had a few pairs of specs from Specsavers, like most people I changed from my regular optician pretty much because of price and I have been happy with the service they provide and the glasses I have purchased usually taking advantage of the 2 pairs for £69.00 (a pair to wear and a spare) I have just been in to my local branch for a much needed eye exam, age deterioration and took with me two of my unworn spare pairs to reuse for my new prescription.

My whole experience was really good, I was seen on time and the ophthalmologist who took care of me was extremely courteous and thorough so no complaints there.

It was only when I had my prescription, was handed back to the sales staff and I pulled out my two unworn pairs ready for recycling that things went a little pear shaped.

The lady that helped me was really nice except a little embarrassed when she had to tell me the price to use my old (still new) frames was higher than if I chose 2 new pairs on the 2 for £69 offer.

I am very conscious about reusing, recycling and not over consuming so I found this policy really disconcerting when I believe massive brands like Specsavers have a responsibility to encourage recycling instead of having a pricing structure that stops it completely. Even I was not prepared to pay £10 more to use my existing frames for the sake of my principles.

Will this policy of "sell as much as you can" stop me using Specsavers again? I'd like to say yes and certainly if I can find a competitor with a greener corporate policy, hopefully someone in marketing will read this and take action for the greater good of the planet and put in place a financial incentive for customers to reuse and recycle frames that have barely been used.

I appreciate frames do wear out, break and sometimes we like a change or to treat ourselves to a new pair but in my case, I only wear reading glasses, was perfectly happy with the one's I had, had two pairs I'd never worn and actually just ended up with 2 new identical pairs, mine now useless are sadly on their way to landfill which regardless of the cost just doesn't make me feel good.


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